Fondazione De Fornaris on the web

Fondazione De Fornaris on the web

Exhibited together for the first time, 70 masterpieces from the De Fornaris collection inaugurate the Foundation’s new Virtual Museum

In almost forty years of activity in the art world, the De Fornaris Foundation has never had its own “physical” museum in which to permanently exhibit its rich collection. Hence the ambition to design “The Museum that is not there” from scratch: an innovative virtual museum that presents, enhances and makes the Foundation’s most precious works accessible to all. One of the very few examples in the world of a museum not present in reality, but designed specifically to be visited and appreciated only on the web.

The De Fornaris collection boasts thousands of paintings, sculptures, installations and graphic collections, with masterpieces by leading authors from the nineteenth century to today: from Hayez to Morbelli and Pellizza from Volpedo, from de Chirico to Morandi and Casorati, from Burri to Carol Rama and Paolini, up to Merz, Pistoletto and Penone. By statute, the works are given on free loan to GAM, the Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea of Turin, which exhibits them on a rotational basis and only for limited periods. The De Fornaris Foundation, chaired by Piergiorgio Re, will now have its own museum: the project accelerated and acquired greater relevance during the lockdown period, which changed global scenarios also with regards to museum realities.

On the Foundation’s website curated by PRC Multimedia, it is possible to directly access both the virtual museum and the rich database of works and artists: for each work a high definition zoom is available which, if possible, makes the artistic heritage it boasts even more usable. more than a thousand works by the Foundation.


Dicembre 2, 2020


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