The Famacademy project

The Famacademy project

The FamAcademy blog was born from an original idea by Maria Cristina Protti and in collaboration with the MIUR as part of the initiatives for distance learning during the Covid-19 emergency,

Our idea of a blog is that of a virtual laboratory of research and experimentation, in the teaching and educational field. The main disciplines from which we move are Philosophy, Art and Music but not only.

Our staff is mainly made up of teachers, students, parents, psychologists, musicians who we can define as “pioneers” of new approaches to training.

Albert Einstein writes in “Ideas and opinions”:
“It is essential that the student learns to understand and feel the values. He must acquire a keen sense of beauty and moral good. Otherwise with all his specialized knowledge he will look more like a well-trained dog than a harmoniously developed person. He must learn to understand what are the driving forces that act on human beings, their illusions and their suffering, in order to acquire a correct sense of his relationships with individuals and with the community”.


Dicembre 3, 2020


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